Showing alongside the 2019 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award, And repeat. sees artist Melissa McGrath working intensively in the galleries, collaborating with a group of local print makers through a series of residencies. Together, they’ll produce a portfolio of printed works that unite their respective individual practices, placing them in conversation. And repeat. is part live performance, part immersive installation. Through participatory workshops, fine art printing, digital media and publication, audiences and artists alike will be asked to consider the labour-intensiveness of printmaking processes and the role we each play in distributing printed material.

Artist Schedule

Sat 21 Sep Aisyah Aaqil Sumito
Sun 22 Sep Rachel Salmon-Lomas
Mon 23 Sep Rachel Salmon-Lomas
Wed 25 Sep Nathan Beard
Thu 26 Sep Rachel Salmon-Lomas
Fri 27 Sep Aisyah Aaqil Sumito
Sat 28 Sep Aisyah Aaqil Sumito
Sun 29 Sep Rachel Salmon-Lomas
Mon 30 Sep Eric C
Tue 1 Oct Nathan Beard + Eric C
Wed 2 Oct Eric C
Thu 3 Oct Rachel Salmon-Lomas
Fri 4 Oct Eric C
Sat 5 Oct Eric C
Sun 6 Oct Iain Dean
Mon 7 Oct Iain Dean
Tue 8 Oct Nathan Beard + Iain Dean
Wed 9 Oct Iain Dean
Thu 10 Oct Rachel Salmon-Lomas + Iain Dean 

Fri 11 Oct Iain Dean
Sat 12 Oct Aisyah Aaqil Sumito + Iain Dean
Sun 13 Oct Iain Dean
Mon 14 Oct Aisyah Aaqil Sumito + Iain Dean
Tue 15 Oct Nathan Beard
Wed 16 Oct Nathan Beard
Thu 17 Oct Rachel Salmon-Lomas
Fri 18 Oct Aisyah Aaqil Sumito
Sat 19 Oct Aisyah Aaqil Sumito
Sun 20 Oct Aisyah Aaqil Sumito
Mon 21 Oct Nathan Beard
Tues 22 Oct Nathan Beard
Wed 23 Oct Nathan Beard