This powerful collection of political street posters from Black Cat/ Gato Negro – a collaborative of artists, anarchists and activists formed in New York in 1978 – still hums with the energy and passion of the protest movements that created them.

A project by Bob Cooney, an original member of the collective, the exhibition gives an evocative insight into the streets of New York and many of the struggles of its communities.

A Sydney-based print maker, performance artist and socially-engaged provocateur, Cooney lived in NYC from 1977-1997. A selection of Cooney’s films and a video of dialogue with the artist produced by Tim Burns will be shown alongside the posters. Other collaborators of the Black Cat included Caz Porter, Jorge Mendez Mendez, Carol Skelsky, Philipe Bordaz, Janet Pivenstein, Omowale Clay, Jackie Bernard, Frank Morales, Seth Tobocman, Tom Otterness, Jay Johnson and Los Companeros of the Young Lords.

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