Image: FAC's install crew at work in the Main Gallery. Photography by Pixel Poetry

Presented in association with Perth Festival

Artists often work a range of side jobs to get by. Exhibition install is a prized side hustle, providing close contact with art and the industry, and making use of their creative knowledge and versatile skills.

Working with artists, curators, designers and other staff, they combine their varied, ever-expanding skills to create elegant exhibitions, seemingly effortlessly. The sign of a good install team is when you don’t notice all the work they’ve done; they’re silent and invisible, essential yet often unrecognised.

In A Forest of Hooks and Nails this dynamic gets flipped on its head. The install crew are the artists.

With years of insider knowledge and an intimate understanding of the space, the artists will create new artworks specific to the building and its history.

A Forest of Hooks and Nails will feature a variety of media. Some artists will shine a light on their favourite nooks and crannies while some respond to the materials and processes commonly used to construct, hang, display and light an exhibition. Others are delving into the politics and economy of work, labour, production and industry, while some artists will investigate the community and people closely linked to this Fremantle icon.

Through their varied investigative outcomes, these artists will turn Fremantle Arts Centre inside out and put it back together again, presenting an insightful and enriching look behind the scenes of these hallowed galleries.

Exhibiting Artists

Dan Bourke
Phoebe Clarke
Angela Ferolla
Liam Kennedy
Rob Kettels
Maxxi Minaxi May
Hugh Thomson
Phoebe Tran
Tyrown Waigana
Zev Weinstein
Hansdieter Zeh

Curated by Tom Freeman, FAC Install Coordinator

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