Women On The Tools (JC)

Women On The Tools is the passion project of Janet Carter (JC), set builder, props maker and general arts-related construction wizard. JC trained at the WA Academy of Performing Arts as a set builder and props maker, learning carpentry, welding, and a host of other trade skills. They have spent more than twenty-five years working in workshops (their own and other peoples), building things, solving problems and teaching skills to all sorts of people.

They noticed that women often had little experience of handing tools and doing the basics but were keen to learn. After observing how other folks taught skills (especially the ‘heavy’ skills of carpentry and welding), They developed a strategy for teaching that was about making tools and processes accessible and inclusive. The inclusive courses JC leads for Women On The Tools support hands on, step by step, small group learning, with concrete outcomes, that build confidence as well as skills. For more information on Women On The Tools please visit: http://www.womenonthetools.com.au