Rodney Sinclair is a practicing WA artist living in Wembley, Western Australia. Painting and drawing since childhood, he first studied Graphic Art and Illustration at Perth Technical College and then went on to graduate with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Claremont School of Art (Sculpture Major) in 1983. This period at CSA embodied him with a very valuable knowledge of both traditional and contemporary art forms and working methods, practicing in all the mainstream media.

After graduating he continued his art practice along with working as a Graphic Designer for the West Australian Newspapers Ltd. from 1986 to 1991;

Then, whilst developing his own work, he taught fine arts at TAFE and various leisure activity centers in the Perth Metropolitan area.

His work can vary considerably from: Traditional realism, Impressionistic, and Contemporary styles with a leaning toward the Human Figure, Portraiture and Landscape as his favored subjects; and, as well, having a passion for teaching and communicating knowledge concerning good Fine Art practice.

He has produced commissioned and exhibited art works that are now in various private collections around Perth and Interstate.