Asha Kiani

Asha Kiani is a Performer, Theatre Maker, Musician, and Primary School Teacher.

Raised by her Indian father and Irish mother on Wardandi Nyungar Country, she draws inspiration from the diverse threads that weave her identity. Asha has been part of performative storytelling projects with the Centre for Stories, Perth Festival and Barefaced Stories. In 2020, she wrote, sound-designed and performed in her debut theatre piece Drift (The Blue Room Theatre, 600 Seconds; FringeWorld Festival) and in 2021, co-founded the Second Generation Collective with video artist Elham Eshraghian-Hakaansson. Through this collective, she works with youth from the Iranian-Australian community, creatively curating and sharing stories of displacement, migration, identity, and resilience.

Passionate about arts education and children’s theatre, Asha has also worked as a Teaching Artist at Barking Gecko Theatre and Sensorium Theatre. In 2022, she will debut her puppeteering skills in children’s show Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot that it Grows (written by Elise Wilson) at The State Theatre Centre of WA’s bespoke FringeWorld Festival program, State of Play.

Asha pursues the ‘untold stories’ around her and seeks to create empathy via vulnerability, authenticity and humour for all ages.