Afsaneh is an Australian-Iranian painter/illustrator and author of children’s books. She is also a Persian rug designer and works for a company that makes handmade rugs in Munich, Germany, and has designed more than 250 rugs for machine production.

Afsaneh’s art focuses on fairy tales and fables from ancient Iran and also traditional poems that are more than 500 years old. In her paintings, she brings to life realistic and imaginary worlds, immersing her audience in a magical and surreal world. She has illustrated seven titles by authors and two from her pen.  She earned her MFA in Illustration from Tehran University of Art and Culture and a BFA in Carpet Design from Sistan College of Art. Afsaneh also earned an associate degree in animation at Fanavaran Institute in Tehran. Outside of her artistic work, she works as a pharmacy assistant in Perth.