Older Kids (9 - 12) kids Courses

Weaving – Garden Baskets

Sian Boucherd beg

Using beautiful natural materials including grasses, twigs and feathers learn how to make your own woven basket incorporating these treasures from the garden. Embelish your basket with mini pompoms that you will be shown how to make, and anything that you would like to bring along to add to your basket – sea grass from the beach, a favourite piece of fabric or lavender from your garden. A great way for kids to engage in nature play.

Information for Parents:-

  • Please send your child with a sunhat and sunscreen as we may take them outside for breaks. All breaks are supervised by the tutor or a member of FAC Kids’ Classes staff
  • Please ensure your child has water, snack and/or lunch if a longer class
  • Your child should wear old clothes or bring an apron/art smock as some of the classes can get messy
  • Please sign the class list in the studio when you drop off and pick up your child. Children will not be permitted to leave the studio at the end of class without a parent/guardian
  • All tutors and FAC Kids’ Classes staff hold valid Working with Children Checks
  • Parents will be notified when animation, film, photos or ceramics works are ready (this can take up to 4 weeks from the end of the holiday program)
  • All materials are included

Tutor Sian Boucherd

Sian's passion for nature comes across in her beautiful woven baskets. Using only natural fibres such as sisal, jute and wool and combining them with the coiling basketry technique to make unique hand crafted vessles. Sian hails from rural Western Australia, and is now living and working in Perth (via London) and is selling her work and teaching workshops around the Perth and Fremantle area.

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