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Tonal Drawing

Daniela Dlugocz begint

Learn to see things tonally and how to apply it to paper to create a 3D effect rather than just as shapes and colour. Working with pastels, charcoal and graphite, you’ll explore the richness of tone in your drawings. Two sessions with a life model.

What to bring:-

  • A3 good quality drawing paper (pad)
  • A3 black/dark paper
  • Charcoal (thick & thin)
  • Graphite pencils (2B, 4B, 6B)
  • Small box of chalk/soft pastels (Munyo soft pastels yellow box are good quality and recommended if buying new)
  • soft and kneadable eraser
  • smudging stump
  • Further materials may be required throughout the course

Tutor Daniela Dlugocz

Daniela’s art practice focuses on a sophisticated knowledge of drawing and often centres around the forms of the human body.

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