The Intimacy of Still Life Painting with Joss Gregson (Summer Special) with Joss Gregson

Still life painting involves making a representation of the objects that we may have on our tables, countertops, and domestic surfaces. The objects which help to create a home - a vase of flowers, bread on a board with a knife, a basket of lemons or even just a solitary egg - have long fascinated painters of the still life genre. This two-day intensive course will begin with a discussion about Still Life Painting and the importance of understanding composition and color, before deep and absorbing sessions painting your very own still life. If required, a demonstration on the use of acrylic paints will be offered, but this course is designed for students who have some prior experience with painting.

What to bring:-

  • Acrylic paint - Matisse Primary red, yellow, and blue, Titanium white, Prussian blue, and Burnt Umber will suffice, but you could include Arylamide yellow medium, Naphthol red, Carbon black, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt blue and any other colours you like to use!
  • Brushes - the 'WestArt' set of six square and round brush set is perfect, plus a larger flat 1inch for smaller paintings and any additional brushes you may have
  • A nylon house painting brush or a small roller if you have one
  • Larger works may require larger brushes
  • 2x Canvases of the size you choose
  • Palette for mixing
  • Rags
  • Plastic or glass jar
  • Visual diary
  • We recommend bringing your own lunch (our onsite coffee cart can be very busy on the weekends)


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Building Access:

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Students with Special Requirements:

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Tutor Joss Gregson

Joss Gregson is a prominent WA artist and a popular tutor at Fremantle Arts Centre.

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