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Still Life Painting

Joss Gregson begint

Breathe life into the age-old practice of still life painting with tutor Joss Gregson. Explore the role still life has played in art, from the hyper-real to the abstract, while learning about technique, colour and composition to make creative, eye-catching paintings.

What to bring:-

  • Acrylic paint  – Titanium white, Carbon black, Matisse Primary red, yellow and blue, Prussian blue, Cerulean blue, Burnt Umber, Cadmium yellow medium, Pthalo green or blue
  • Canvas, bring A4 size for first class
  • Visual diary or A4 watercolour pad (250gsm)
  • Brushes selection to include – medium sized nylon/prolon flat, filbert, round plus a small round (Westart Scholastic Brush Set is a good start)
  • Landscape images (printed)
  • Palette (e.g. ice cream container lid is fine or a pro wet palette – rectangular)
  • Water jar
  • Rags
  • Apron or painting shirt
  • Further materials may be required throughout the course

Tutor Joss Gregson

Joss Gregson is a prominent WA artist and a popular tutor at Fremantle Arts Centre.

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