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Spinning Colour with Michael Alvares 1:20pm

Michael Alvares beg

Create your very own wind-powered spinning flower with world-renowned kite maker Michael Alvares. Growing up in India in the 1960s, kite flying was a way of life for Michael, and since migrating to Perth he has dedicated his adult life to decorating the skies with kites.

Made from recycled drink bottles, these multi-coloured flowers are designed to catch the wind and spin in circles – making a colourful addition to your garden or playground at home.

The is a free workshop. Registrations essential as places are limited. All materials provided.

Suitable for ages 10+

Tutor Michael Alvares

Growing up in Bombay, Michael flew kites as a child and developed his skills in kite design and kite making after he completed studies in 1980. He uses innovative teaching and learning approaches to promote the understanding of the mythology, aero-dynamics and cultural history of kites.

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