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Painting with Acrylics – Abstract Expressionism

Regina Noakes intadv

Create your own abstract image working with acrylics. Working on your own project, learn about the qualities of colour and texture provided by paint and how to create a balanced picture. Some painting experience required.

What to bring:-

  • A selection of flat bristle brushes
  • Chromacryl paints (for beginners) 75mls – black, white, forest green, warm yellow, warm red, warm blue
  • Atelier A2 Chroma paints  (for more advanced) 120mls – carbon black, titanium white, ultramarine blue, cadmium red, yellow, permanent green or any colours you may own
  • A4/A3 sketch pad/ loose paper or stretched canvases – small and as large as you feel comfortable to work on
  • Charcoal or conte crayons (if you have some)
  • Pictures or photos of landscapes, figures, shapes etc that you would like to use in abstract painting
  • Canvas or painting surface
  • Further materials may be required throughout the course

Tutor Regina Noakes

Regina Noakes has had a very international art education, having studied painting in Boston and Singapore before returning to Perth to develop her practise

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