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Paint Your Own Picture Postcards

Leslee Rowlands begint

Over the weekend, take inspiration from your travels and holiday photographs and work in acrylic paints to create some postcard size painting. Get tips on composition, colour mixing, and how to work with acrylic paints to capture light and shade and the essence of your inspiring images. Take away a series of small works.

What to bring:-

  • Acrylic paints – (Chromacryl/Atelier/Matissse) – titaniuam white, Warm Red – cadmium red or napthol scarlet, Cool Red – alizarin crimson or quinacridone red or magenta, Warm Blue – Ultramarine, Cool Blue – Phthalo blue, Warm Yellow – cadmium yellow medium or arylamide yellow or indian yellow, Cool Yellow – cadmium yellow light or arylamide yellow light or yellow light hansa. Other option colours are: viridian or sap green, phthalo green, yellow orchre and mars black
  • Note book
  • Selection of acrylic or bristle brushes, found and flat (filbert)  sizes 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Clean rags
  • Apron
  • Mediums (if you have any but not essential)
  • Palette (e.g. ice cream container lid is fine or a pro wet palette – rectangular)
  • Water jar
  • Visual diary
  • Images or photographs of travels (printed)
  • Canvases (10x15cm) x 3 each student  will be provided by FAC


Tutor Leslee Rowlands

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