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Ink Drawing in a Day

Daniela Dlugocz begint

Delve into the fluid world of ink drawing. Learn how to control the ink on paper and other surfaces by drawing different objects and experimenting with washes. In the afternoon push your skills further by drawing a figure, learning about expressive marks and how to capture the body and face in ink. Part of this session is with a clothed model.

What to bring:-

  • A4 watercolour paper – pad
  • A3 watercolour paper x 3
  • YUPO paper x 3 sheets (optional)
  • 3 different colour inks (student quality is fine)
  • 3 tubes watercolour paint (similar colours to ink)
  • 3 watercolour pencils (similar colours to ink)
  • 3 brushes of different size and shape
  • 1 x plastic plate for mixing
  • 1 x empty yoghurt container
  • Eraser
  • Pencil
  • Notebook

Tutor Daniela Dlugocz

Daniela’s art practice focuses on a sophisticated knowledge of drawing and often centres around the forms of the human body.

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