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Animaze Workshop – Mini Animal Sculptures (5-12yrs kids accompanied by an adult)

Susan Flavell beg

Do you have a spirit animal – one that you long to be? Choose your spirit animal from Susan Flavell’s fantastic sculpture in the gallery. Create a mini spirit animal sculpture out of cardboard, glue, tape and string. A fun class for adults and kids to do together.

Information for Parents:-

  • This class is designed for 1 adult & 1 child to attend together
  • If you would like book in more than 1 child please make sure that each child is accompanied by an adult (mum/gran/aunty/dad – up to you!)
  • All materials are included

Tutor Susan Flavell

Susan Flavell’s work deals mostly with animal and human forms, including the real, the hybrid, the fantastic, the monstrous and mythical. Susan works with a variety of materials from cardboard to bronze bringing the materials alive, giving a sense of an individual life for the object. Susan is an experienced tutor and enjoys passing on her knowledge and skills to others.

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