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Fremantle Arts Centre has 9 studios in situ as well as 4 studios at Moores Building Contemporary Art Space located within the historic Moores Building on Henry Street in the Fremantle CBD.

Our Studio Program offers artists from all disciplines the opportunity to explore and develop works and ideas. In this artist-led program, artists are matched to one of our beautiful studios best-suited to their practice for set periods of one, three, six or 12 months and join a welcoming, innovative, diverse and collegiate artistic community.


There are 9 studios located at FAC which are accessible 7 days a week, 9am5pm.

Studios vary in size and suitability depending on an artist’s proposed activities.

Studios are located on the ground floor as well as the upper levels of the building which are accessible only by stairs.

Studios located at FAC will be granted in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month terms.


There are 4 artist studios located at MCAS which are accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day however studios are only suitable for activities that do not produce noise or air pollutants. Studio activity is not encouraged before 7am or after 9pm.

Each studio is approximately 20sqm and is located on ground level.

The MCAS studios are granted in 6 or 12 month terms.


Fremantle Arts Centre is the custodian of a beautiful residential apartment located at the Moores Building. The apartment is usually granted in durations of up to one month to support artists from international, national, regional and remote areas.

Applications for residencies longer than one month must source their own accommodation beyond the initial month offered by FAC.


Applications for our Studio Program are now closed. Applications typically open in June for placements during the following year.


To find out more about the Studio Program or the Moores Apartment please contact [email protected]

Bell Palmer, A good picture is equivalent to a good deed, 2022, pigment on canvas, 122 x 92cm. Image courtesy the artist

Belle Palmer, A good picture is equivalent to a good deed, 2022, pigment on canvas, 122 x 92cm. Image courtesy the artist

Current Studio Artists

Tania Ferrier (WA) will put the finishing touches on works for her forthcoming City of Fremantle Art Collection solo exhibition Pop Porn, opening 6:30pm Friday 12 August. Follow Tania on Instagram | Studio 1 

Belle Palmer (ACT) has been interested in creating drawing machines that engage viewers to contribute to a collective artwork. After many pandemic identity crises, Belle has rediscovered their practice as an experimental/spatial drawer. They are exploring ways to make their work more accessible, using humour to explore fake ‘academic concepts’ inspired by celebrated white male artists (Vincent Van Gogh, Monet etc.) by creating a prototype drawing machine made with vibrating sex toys. Follow Belle on Instagram | Studio 2

Stephen Eastaugh (WA) is an Australian contemporary artist known for producing semi-abstract, mixed-media art. His work is often informed by his experiences traveling. Follow Stephen on Instagram | Studio 3

Carolina Furque (Argentina) is a self-taught photographer. Her photographs can be found in the collections of The National Library of France, Polaroid, The OSDE Foundation, The Casa Fader State Museum and numerous private collections. In recent years she has participated in a range of art residencies which allowed her to broaden the horizon of her work and exchange ideas with other artists (Cité International des Arts – Paris, France; Upernavik Retreat – Upernavik, Greenland;  New Space Art Foundation – Hue, Vietnam; Hafnarborg Centre of Culture – Hafnarborg, Iceland; Tanks Art Center – Cairns, Australia; Pushkinskaya Art Center – San Petersburg, Russia and PhotoCentral – Hayward, USA). Currently she is based in Broome. Follow Carolina on Instagram | Studio 4

Encounter Theatre (WA) is an ensemble theatre company based on Noongar Boodja in Perth. Highly physical and political, ambitious and experimental, Encounter explores big and relevant ideas of our time through intimate human stories. Follow Encounter Theatre on Instagram | Studio 5

Mariaan Pugh (WA) is finalising works for her upcoming collaborative exhibition Jila Kujarra: Two Snakes Dreaming, opening 6:30pm Friday 12 August. Studio 6

Jenni Gilbertson (WA), Adrienne Williams (QLD) and Julie Hylands (QLD) are sharing a studio. The artists will make, exchange and create and see where the residency takes them. Follow Jenni, Adrienne and Julie on Instagram | Studio 7

Dr Perdita Phillips (WA) has an expansive practice working in installation, environmental projects, walking, sound, video, publishing and object making. Follow Perdita on Instagram | Studio 8

Hannah Gregory (WA) will work with stained glass to explore our relationship with WA’s coastal and inner landscapes by incorporating found organic elements from field trips around the state. At the core of Gregory’s residency, she’ll work with hot and cold glass working processes to manipulate light, glass and lead. Follow Hannah on Instagram | Studio 9