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Artists in Residence

Fremantle Arts Centre’s Artist in Residence program attracts local, national and international artists. Home to 11 studios and a residential apartment (located at the Moores Building), FAC can accommodate a variety of disciplines and project requirements.

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Current Artists in Residence

Clare Humphries (VIC) will collect objects destined for disposal from around FAC’s buildings and grounds, creating ceremonial wrappings for them as she prepares each object for a separation or burial rite. Her investigation explores how the lives and deaths of objects are deeply entwined with our own. Studio 1

Shannon McCulloch (WA) works predominantly with painting, drawing and digital media, and is investigating post-colonial ideas of gentrification, corporate colonialism and mainstream media propaganda and how these shape contemporary suburban life. Studio 2

Sally Mulholland (WA) is a multimedia artist who will explore elements of abstraction through sound, poetry, video and projection. Studio 3

Lisa Liebetrau (WA) investigates the architectural and institutional elements specific to art institutions. She will document her observations at FAC while directly responding to the space through site intervention and ephemeral installations. Liebetrau is the recipient of the 2016 FAC Print Award Residency. Studio 4

Stephen Armistead (WA) works with installation, video, photo-media, architecture, objects, interactive elements and sound. He will draw from lived experiences, societal observations and recollections of domestic life to investigate temporary installations in and around FAC and greater Fremantle. Room 4

Phoebe Clarke (WA) will use sculpture, video, drawing and robotics to investigate the interconnectivity within a family group and the changes that occur when something or someone falls out of place. Studio 5

Hannah Farleigh (WA) experiments with large-scale mark making through painting and drawing. Farleigh will investigate conventions of pleasure by embracing the often-overlooked experiences of silence and stillness. Studio 6

Elizabeth Bills (WA) will collaborate with seven artists to create an installation about loneliness. The final work will be exhibited in May 2017 at PS Art Space. Studio 7

Tessa Beale (WA) creates transitional works across the media of metal, print and drawing, exploring ideas of transformation. Studio 8

Curtis Taylor (WA) is a Martu artist and filmmaker whose works tell the stories of his people through short documentaries, narrative films, installations and video works. Growing up in the remote Martu desert communities and in Perth, Taylor has gained both traditional Martu knowledge and a western education. He will create a collaborative body of work with Yolngu artist Ishmael Marika (NT) for the major FAC exhibition In Cahoots, opening in November. Taylor and Marika will travel together between Perth and their respective home communities in Yirrkala, in northeast Arnhem Land and Panngurr and Punmu in the Western Desert as they construct a new mixed-media installation. Studio 8

Sanne Koelemij (ACT) uses found objects and materials to construct large colour field paintings, investigating the relationship between representation and illusion through pattern and colour. Studio 9

Stephanie Hammill (WA) will combine traditional Japanese urushi lacquer-based repair techniques with sculptural ceramic works. She will develop a series of works based on brokenness, destruction, distortion and repair while considering the stories and sentimental journeys embodied by personal collections of broken ceramics. If you have broken ceramics you’d like to contribute to this project please email [email protected]. Ceramics Studio

Asialink Residency

In partnership with Asialink, FAC is pleased to introduce the 2017 Taipei reciprocal exchange artist Alice Lin (TWN).

Alice Lin (TWN) is a ceramic artist who has exhibited in Taiwan, the USA and Japan and holds a Bachelor Degree from Tainan National University of the Arts. While in residence Lin will use local clays to explore her fascination with flora and fauna, revealing their beautiful and sometimes strange forms. Ceramics Studio

The Asialink Arts Residency is an innovative, flexible program that promotes cross-cultural dialogue by providing Australian and Asian artists with opportunities for reciprocal artist residencies. FAC has been involved in reciprocal exchanges with artists from Taipei Culture Foundation, Taiwan for seven years.

How to apply

Residencies can cover the creation of new works, research, and developing your practice. Particular outcomes are not expected of FAC’s residents. Proposals are considered in relation to FAC’s other programming and studio availability.

Please Include:

  1. A current CV for each participant
  2. Hi-res images (1-4MB, min. 300dpi) of your past work with detailed information and full captions; or for writers, a sample of published text, maximum 15 pages
  3. An outline of your intended residency project (media, concept, possible activities, and potential outcomes)
  4. The intended time frame
  5. Your preferred residency space (if known)

For further information contact Bevan Honey, Residencies & Studios Coordinator at [email protected].

When to Apply
Individual artists, groups of artists, curators, writers and organisations can apply for a residency year round. Applications for the Moores Building residential apartment will be accepted in September 2017 for residencies beginning after September 2018.

Submitting Your Proposal
To submit your proposal email [email protected]. Please note that hard copy proposals are not accepted.