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Fremantle Arts Centre’s Artist in Residence program attracts local, national and international artists. Home to 10 studios and a residential apartment (located at the Moores Building), FAC can accommodate a variety of disciplines and project requirements.

Online Residency

Fremantle Arts Centre has launched a new online studio space.

Shaun Wilson (VIC) is the inaugural online artist in residence. Over ten weeks he will continue his investigation into Winter Light,  examining the beauty and horror of plague through contemporary art. Revisiting the Decameron deconstructs The Decameron, a series of novellas written by medieval author Giovanni Boccaccio around 1348. These stories digress seven young people sheltering in quarantine at an abandoned villa outside of Florence during the Black Death pandemic. Wilson’s new works will situate the ten days of stories into a suite of ten works on paper, contextualising the backdrops of the Black Death and COVID-19. Check back to his online studio regularly to see his project progress.

To enquire about being an FAC online artist in residence please contact Bevan Honey.

Shaun Wilson, Winter Light series. 2021. Image courtesy the artist

Shaun Wilson, Winter Light series. 2021. Image courtesy the artist


Current Artists in Residence

Fiona Harman (WA) will be working on paintings of flowers, water surfaces and film stills, exploring the emotive potential of these motifs in contemporary representational painting. Follow Fiona on Instagram | Studio 1

Angela Ferolla (WA) | Studio 2

Zev Weinstein (WA) is a Walyalup-based conceptual artist who explores global and existential issues. Curious to communicate in mediums such as video, sculpture, photography and print, he explores and responds to physical spaces he finds himself in. Zev will spend the next 6 months of his residency expanding his practice working on a series of collaborative and solo works including a multi media installation exploring systems of dance and what physical communication will look like in a world bound by digital media. Follow Zev on Instagram | Studio 3

Rachael Riggs (WA) ) is currently working on a collection, working title Domestic Dementia, utilising disused retro objects and vintage magazines reclaimed into femmage artworks using collage and sculpture. Follow Rachael on Instagram | Studio 4

Rachel Buch (NSW) is working on an interactive exhibition that works to recreate the themes and imagery of old children’s books into a new, modern and inclusive series of artworks. This exhibition looks at generating new ideas of what a magical Australiana looks like by combining elements of what is Australian, fantastical and ordinary together to create a series of characters, settings and objects that are relevant to what a modern fairytale in Australia would look like. Follow Rachel on Instagram | Studio 5

Gwilym Faulkner (WA) will work with a range of materials and processes including sculpture, drawing and painting, exploring the interplay between objects which are hand/human made versus machine/industrially made | Room 4

Richard and Yoshiko Gunning (WA) share a studio. On one side, Yoshiko sifts through boxes of dried flowers preparing her delicate sculptural installations. On the other, Richard develops a series of paintings for an upcoming exhibition. Studio 6

Betty Poulsen (WA) works with mis-tinted and discarded house paint, painting on cardboard and scrap wood surfaces. She paints portraits of people and objects, interrogating and making meaning of the relationships, places and objects that surround her. Follow Betty on Instagram | Studio 7

Clare Longley is a WA-born artist based in Melbourne/Narrm. She is interested in the potential of painting to reposition well-worn images such that they might be encountered anew. During her FAC residency she intends to experiment with new ideas and processes, leaning into the transitional and unintelligible. Clare is represented by ReadingRoom. Follow Clare on Instagram

Jessica Miller (UK/WA) is a feminist artist from the UK investigating concepts of gender roles, sexuality and the effects of past trauma on the present self, and fine-tuning creative methods in the mediums of sculpture, drawing, painting and photography. Follow Jessica on Instagram | Studio 8

Maxxi Minaxi May (WA) | Studio 9

Ross Potter working in his studio

Recent FAC artist in residence Ross Potter working in his studio on ‘The Witness’, which featured in group exhibition Tracing the Swan at Holmes à Court Gallery, Vasse Felix

How to apply

Applications for the Artist in Residence program are currently closed.

International Exchange Opportunity – Coming soon!

FAC is excited to launch a new international exchange opportunity with South Korean arts organisation Incheon Art PlatformCheck back soon for more information and details about how to apply.