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Tammy Honey, 80P01, 2021. Image courtesy the artist

Fremantle Arts Centre has launched a new online studio space.

Introducing Tammy Honey

Tammy Honey‘s work has for the past 25 years framed a Metamodernist approach of oscillation between memory and social issues represented through video art, painting, collage, and installation. Within this structure is a method of long term, ongoing series of works that address a particular thematic situated within her practice.

Tammy’s online residency will be working from her home studio and gallery space in regional Victoria to develop a colour field wall-based installation contextualising the memories she has of Fremantle when she was a student at Metro TAFE in 1996. Honey’s long term investigation into memory has positioned video art and painting as a way to represent reveries through pop culture aesthetics.

Honey will seek to continue this progression by examining colours unique to these memories of Western Australia in the mid 1990s, especially representations of my visits to FAC and also to the land, ocean and sky back into the colourfield framework of stripes and strips. Honey will also like to explore how videoart can be inclusive of this investigation within the painting installation itself.

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How to apply

To enquire about being an FAC online artist in residence please contact Bevan Honey.

Top image: Tammy Honey, 80P01, 2021. Image courtesy the artist