By Meg Anderson

FAC is proud to announce that our very own Exhibitions and Engagement Coordinator, Emma Buswell, has recently sold her unique and captivating textile-based piece “Between the Draft and Final Intention”.

The 2.6×1.65m knitted work sold within a week of being exhibited at Perth’s Sweet Pea Art Gallery this April.

Emma has a very distinct and engaging style, working with Australian yarns and fibres to introduce themes and concepts throughout her work.

“I grew up learning how to knit with my mum and grandma,” she said, “and I fell in love with creating images with the yarn, I like how each stitch becomes a tiny part of a wider image. And I find the process very meditative.”

Emma explained that this piece was inspired by a recent discovery about the way her brain operates and how that affects her work.

“Earlier this year I found out that I have Aphantasia, which is an inability to see images in your head,” she said.

“A lot of my work is based off appropriates and adaptations, or collages of things as a way of reconciling my understanding of the world. And I’ve begun to understand that maybe the reason I make work this way is because of the way that I think.”

Emma has been a valued member of the FAC team since 2017, working initially as a coordinator for the annual Fremantle Print Award before transitioning into the Exhibitions and Engagement role in 2022.

Emma’s favourite part about her role is working with young artists and inviting emerging voices into art spaces. She understands first hand how difficult it can be for prospective artists to expand the impact of their work following initial recognition, and has become very passionate about creating a supportive framework that will guide emerging artists through this daunting process.

Emma is eager to generate and implement this kind of support through her work at FAC, providing step by step guidance for up-and-coming artists on their journey into the professional art scene. She’s also excited to continue with her personal work, and is already busy with a new project for an upcoming event.

Find Emma on Instagram here: @embuzza1