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AIR (Artist in Residence)
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With 11 studios and a residential apartment, FAC's Artists in Residence program attracts local, national and international artists who are experimenting and developing their practice. Many of the FAC studios are accessible to the public so you can meet the artists and watch them in action.


Manabu Kanai (JPN) is attempting to develop an independent art form by simultaneously working across and investigating the connections between several different mediums. Studio 1

Ruth Johnstone (VIC) is documenting local weeds, exotic species and indigenous plants through watercolours and archiving, while using the life of weeds as an analogy for migration. Studio 2

Neridah Stockley (NT) will develop a number of mixed-media works to be used as a reference for a later series of paintings. Studio 2

Greg Barr (WA) takes cues from his family, his Nyoongar Ballardong heritage, WA fauna and the Fremantle Dockers to develop a new series of mixed-media works for his solo exhibition at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in 2017. Studio 3

Danni McGrath (WA) will work with the local Perth arts community to produce and distribute a daily screenprinted newspaper, exploring ideas around media ownership. Studio 4

Claire Krouzecky (USA) will develop a new body of work utilising drawing, alternative photographic techniques and site-specific installation. Room4

Hiroshi Kaboyashi (JPN) continues his ongoing exploration of symbols and systems, working monochromatically with acrylic on canvas to paint dolls in unexpected combinations with indigenous insects and landscapes. Studio 5

Emily Hornum (WA) works across photography, new media and installation, and is investigating family archives and memory to create immersive installations that blur the boundaries between old and new media. Studio 6

Den Scher (WA) explores the ethics of food production practices, water and fuel accessibility, and other issues confronting remote and rural Australians, while researching and reconsidering the traditional book format and the boundaries of text as a visual communication medium. Studio 7

Tessa Beale (WA) creates transitional works across the media of metal, print and drawing, exploring ideas of transformation. Studio 8

Andrew Sunley Smith (WA) will continue to develop a series of sculpted forms, films and drawings created and formed through constant velocity. Studio 9

Iain Dean (WA) is producing a new body of work concerned with the potential of the artist’s hands in an age where industrial production and digital imagery far outpace the production capabilities of any individual. Ceramics Studio

The current Moores Studio artists are Clyde McGill (WA) and Kathy Allam (WA).

How to Apply

Fremantle Arts Centre welcomes proposals for participation in the 2016/17 program. Individual artists, groups of artists, curators, writers and organisations can apply at any time of the year, however, proposals requiring the use of the residential apartment will only be accepted during September 2016 for residencies commencing after September 2017. Proposals may look toward research and development, creation of new works and/or furthering of on-going practice.

For further information on FAC AIR program or Moores Studio program contact Bevan Honey at or 9432 9555.

Proposals need to include the following:

1. An up-to-date CV for each participant;
2. A selection of images of previous work with detailed information. Or a sample of published text, maximum 15 pages (writers).
3. An outline of your intended residency project (media, concept, possible activities, potential outcomes);
4. The intended timeframe and;
5. An indication of your preferred residency space.

Residencies are considered according to proposal strength, relationship to the Centre programming and availability of space. Please submit proposals via email to:

Hard copy proposals will not be accepted.

AIR (Artist in Residence)
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