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Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’ll be selling?

Hi, I’m Mon from just up the road. I’m the designer for sustainable swimwear label KIN SWIM. The new collection is also made here in Western Australia, I’m looking forward to sharing them all with you. KIN is dedicated to the beach bums and those who want to spend endless summers in their bathers. The brand was inspired after many long days in the sun, and a series of bad surfing also knows as “surviving” incidents. I wanted to design rashies that people wanted to wear. I’m not a designer by trade, just a health science nerd with a huge passion for fashion and the environment. There’s been a tonne to learn on this journey but here we are.

Mon Bossie, designer of label Kin Swim, in her studio

Mon Bossie, designer of label Kin Swim, in her studio

How do you make the works?

Finding a maker is really tough, so I can’t give away all of my secrets. Basically, my drawings and ideas are turned into dream suits through a series of chopping and changing until they are just right.

I am hoping to bring in custom sizing soon for those that have trouble finding the right fit. If that’s you come and have a chat.

KIN uses only the highest quality regenerated fabric, which can be limiting in regards to colours and textures, but it’s really coming along leaps and bounds since I began which is really exciting. It’s nice to see there’s a movement towards more eco-conscious options. The block colours selected have been inspired by mother nature, the earth, the air, the sea. The prints are designed here and by friends abroad, this season’s prints have a real retro vibe.

Kin Swim designs. Image supplied

Kin Swim designs. Image supplied

Why is it important to support local makers?

How cool is getting to tell a story about your garment, artwork, or knick-knacks? I find it helps bond that connection with your community and supporting local gives you warm fuzzies… But I didn’t need to tell you that!

What’s your top gift tip this Christmas?

Gift something that they will cherish for a long while and let your clothes represent your ethos.

Bazaar runs 5–9pm Fri 4 Dec | 9am–5pm Sat 5 & Sun 6 Dec