Jocelyn Gregson is a prominent WA artist. As an exhibiting artist, painting and drawing tutor, and purveyor of prints at FOUND, Jocelyn shares a long history with FAC. We recently caught up with her to chat about the classes she teaches, advice for novice artists and the inspiration behind her Desire series, which is available to purchase at FOUND.

Hi Jocelyn, you’ve had a long involvement with Fremantle Arts Centre. How long have you been teaching art classes at FAC?

It was so long ago that I took my first class at FAC that I’m not sure exactly! I was invited to teach a night painting class for a term in the 90s and it went on from there. I was offered more classes and I eventually gave up any other teaching.

I’ve taught drawing and painting in many guises. Some years ago I was asked if I had any ideas for a new course and I said, “yes, Drawing for a Travel Diary.” I’d just spent a few days teaching a friend to draw so that she could make one during her trip to Europe. The class is kind of simulated travel, as we visit and record the highlights of Fremantle and surrounds.

What have been the highlights of your career at FAC?

I love taking the class Acrylic Painting for Beginners From Realism to Abstraction where people may initially struggle to make a small painting of a capsicum, but through learning about colour and form eventually get there. There is delight in giving information, instruction, and seeing people evolve from often being afraid to begin with, to the thrill of making a painting. What a privilege to be involved.

Probably the most fun was had was in a class called Painting The Moment. Inspired by ideas from meditation and bringing attention to a variety of unexpected subject matter from air and freshly gathered seaweed laid on black plastic, through to Dacron (poly fibre) tossed up for the ceiling fans to fling about.

What would your advice be to someone that is nervous about taking an art class for the first time?

Just do it, you may be surprised.

FOUND sells a range of your art work. Can you tell us about your print series of desserts? How did you make them and what was the inspiration?

Jocelyn Gregson, Desire II, Hahnemuhle Smooth Photo Rag 308gr using Epsom Archival Inks. 30 x 30cm. Edition of 200
A painting of a chocolate eclair on a pink background
Jocelyn Gregson, Desire III, 30 x 30cm, Hahnemuhle Smooth Photo Rag 308gr using Epsom Archival Inks. Edition of 200

The prints are from paintings made following a concentrated period of studying the history and theory of still life painting. These cakes are not displayed elaborately on a table, they exist in the space of the canvas and refer to the store bought moment of the time they were made. There’s an element of desire as well, which is reflected in the name for the series (Desire). The first paintings were the éclair and cream bun, which sold during an Old Customs House Artists exhibition held at the Moores Building. I’m told they now hang in a dining room in Melbourne where they generate some very interesting conversations, how wonderful!

Check out courses Jocelyn is currently teaching and view her print works for sale.