Bridget Baldock is an emerging artist from Geraldton, WA. Studying Visual Art online at Curtin University, she is currently an Artist in Residence at the Moores Building. We recently caught up with Bridget to find out about her artwork, art workshops, and what she has planned for her time in Fremantle.

Hi Bridget, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your practice?

I live in Geraldton with my parents and two sisters on a 20-acre property. I have always been fitness-driven, winning school sports carnivals every year, going on early morning runs and bike rides. I was so sure of having a career as a dietitian or personal trainer, however, in 2018 my aspirations changed completely and that’s when my art journey started.

Going to school wasn’t working for me so I left at the start of year 11 to complete a Diploma of Visual Art at Geraldton TAFE. This led me to Curtin University, where I am studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts online. I am currently working towards a future in art therapy and educating young minds on how to handle mental health issues. I have been doing a lot of regional youth art workshops on how to make and use your own natural brushes.

My artworks are abstract and non-representational, recent pieces have been mark-making created by handmade natural brushes. The nature that surrounds me inspires me the most. I find that when making my own brushes I really connect to my artworks more than I would if I used an ordinary paintbrush. The aspect of the unknown and unpredictability of what way the ink will flow motivates me to explore and push each brush further and further.

Works by Bridget Baldock. Image courtesy the artist

Works by Bridget Baldock. Image courtesy the artist

What will you be working on during your stay in Fremantle?

My stay in Fremantle is all about professional development. Recently I won the Next Level Regional Grant, which will go towards mentoring sessions in Perth with Art Psychotherapist Janeen Cameron. I will also be working towards expanding my professional networks as the Youth Ambassador of the North Midlands Project and hope to explore local art shops, buying materials that are not available to me in Geraldton.

Does this work feed into an exhibition or longer-term project you’re working on?

The work I’ll be doing with Janeen includes twelve sessions that will go over eight months. We will develop two frameworks for art activities and workshops. One for general art workshops where people can walk away with a new skill and a more mental health-oriented framework that I would co-facilitate with schools, Headspace and disability support organisations. The mental health workshops will be for children, youth, and people with disabilities. I will also hold at least one workshop in collaboration with the North Midlands Project through their 2020/2021 program.

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