Stall: Ellume Life
Instagram: @ellumelife

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’ll be selling?

Ellume Life designs are inspired by the forms, colours, and textures found in my local environment. Each cushion, piece of table linen or tea towel I create begins its life as a photographic image– usually of  Western Australian plants, before being turned into designs for printing.

I am passionate about offering an alternative  local, ethical, sustainable source of textiles, gifts, and homewares. I work as best I can to know my supply chain to carefully vet every ink, fibre and packaging material and process for its sustainability & ethical footprint. I believe it is possible to create aesthetic, functional & long-lasting homewares and gifts.

Ellume Life

Ellume Life

What’s your top Christmas gift tip?

Make sustainability and ethics your priority. Choose products where the maker can tell you exactly how it was made, where it was made and by whom! Respecting people and our planet is a great gift to give! Choosing items made locally means you can have these conversations with the artisans and is why events like Bazaar are so important and special!

Bazaar runs 5–9pm Fri 6 Dec | 9am–5pm Sat 7 & Sun 8 Dec