Analogue, digital, acoustic and synthetic sounds are transformed into a spiritual soundscape as vocalist and composer Hanna Benn (US) and percussionist, composer and producer Deantoni Parks (US) come together to perform the Australian premiere of Procession at Fremantle Arts Centre.

Presented as part of Perth Festival, this one-night-only event will see FAC’s Inner Courtyard radiate as the celestial song cycle evolves over the course of the evening. Benn and Parks will be joined onstage by a chamber ensemble of Australia’s finest players.

Hanna Benn is an Atlanta-based vocalist and genrespanning musician whose ethereal sound is deeply steeped in the gospel and choral music traditions she grew up with. Known for collaborating on projects with an array of artists from modern electronic pop groups such as Son Lux and Boots right through to choral ensembles, Benn is known for breaking boundaries. Incorporating dance, opera and theatre with her choral background, angelic voice, and complex use of layers, Benn is always discovering new sounds.

She teams up with Deantoni Parks, a new wave/avantgarde/experimental drummer, songwriter, film director, actor and record producer. Known as one of the world’s best live drummers, Parks just finished a tour with John Cale from The Velvet Underground and has drummed for likes of The Mars Volta, Sade and Flying Lotus. Parks’ crunchy warehouse rhythm cycles fused with stuttered electronics sampling make him a compelling live act.

Between Benn’s delicate vocal textures and Parks’ ceaselessly kinetic rhythms, Procession promises to be an almost spiritual experience. Song cycles are repeated like mantra which serve to highlight both artists’ talents. This night of skilled musicianship is one not to miss.

Soft Soft Loud is a much celebrated annual event at Fremantle Arts Centre. It brings together musicians from around the world for a one-off collaboration, creating truly unique listening
experiences for the audience.

“… Atlanta-based singer/composer Hanna Benn strikes a careful balance between opposite elements: grace and force, drift and roots, acoustic tones and electronic circuits.”
Pitchfork review of the song Unfasten by Hanna Benn

“A crash course on modern African-American music, hinting at different eras and genres (blues, house, hip-hop, footwork) by use of speed and musical association.”
Pitchfork on the music of Deantoni Parks