Museum of Water is a radically different exhibition featuring hundreds of donations of water collected across WA over the course of a year. Commissioned by Perth Festival, UK artist Amy Sharrocks and the Museum custodians turned strangers into friends and liquid into art as they collected watery donations and the memories that go with them. If you’d like to add to the collection, you can bring along a donation between 11am–3pm daily.

FAC’s own Exhibitions and Special Projects Coordinator Erin Coates donated a particularly interesting sample of water this week, adding to the imaginative donations already on show. We chatted with Erin to find out more.

What’s your first memory of water?
Having swimming lessons at Emu Point in Albany as a toddler and seeing all the jellyfish in the water.

What did you choose to donate?
My best batch of fake blood, which was made while making the short film Open Water last year. This artwork takes as a starting point a true incident in Albany’s whaling history, in which a whaler lost his leg to the Southern Ocean. We needed believable fake blood and I really perfected the recipe with this batch.  A really nice viscosity and perfect, deep red colour.

Fake Blood donated to Museum of Water by Erin Coates

Fake Blood donated to Museum of Water by Erin Coates

Why is that special to you?
I am both fascinated by and an admirer of good practical effects in films and so it is very gratifying to be able to create them for my own screen artworks. When fake blood is bad it really stands out, I think for the sense of horror and fascination to work in a film with blood in it, you need to nail the fake blood! This blood is also special because it was used in a film made in the ocean nearby. It’s a non-toxic, biodegradable recipe. It looked just awesome in the ocean.

A still from the film, Open Water

A still from the film Open Water

What do you think about the Museum of Water collection?  Do you have a favourite donation?
It’s so hard to choose, there are so many amazing, sad, funny and poignant stories. I just can’t pick one.

You can find our more about the exciting weekend programs and how to donate your own sample of water here.