We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek into Zora Kreuzer’s (GER) studio here at FAC.  It’s like a breath of fresh air, white studio walls are complemented by a range of brightly coloured geometric shapes that can’t help but make you smile. We recently sat down with Zora to chat about her time in residence and what she’s been up to.

Hey Zora, what’s your earliest memory involving art? 

My mother is an artist, so I grew up with and around art. There was always access to paints and materials to craft with from an early age around the house. We would go to see lots of art shows too. It was very normal for me growing up in a creative environment.

You’re from Germany, how did you end up in Perth doing a residency at FAC? 

I first came over to WA in 2014. It was for the Basel Residency Exchange Program at the Old Customs House in Fremantle. I remember having a very productive ten months here and really enjoying it, so I came back again in 2016 for other residencies and shows. This all led to an invitation to participate in High Tide Festival (Fremantle Festival’s Art Biennale), so I used the opportunity to undertake a residency here at FAC.

What have you been working on during your residency? 

I’ve been doing a lot of larger scale projects recently, so I’ve found I don’t really have as much time to paint in the studio anymore. Being in residence means that I can concentrate on my painting and so far I’ve made a few shaped canvases and drawings.

Works in Zora's studio

Works in Zora’s studio

Lets chat about your work for High Tide (Fremantle Festival’s Art Biennale), you created huge fluoro panels that hung on the Liebler Building in Fremantle. What was your experience like? Where did you get the idea come from?

When I was invited to create a work for the Liebler Facade, I really wanted to contrast the look of the old, historic facade with bright, contemporary neon colours. As it’s a heritage building, it was quite hard to get a permission to do anything, but in the end we were able to put wood panels inside the arches, which I then painted. To keep it minimal I just used a colour spectrum and each arch was painted in a different neon hue. I am really happy with the outcome and how people reacted to it!

Zora Kreuzer, Arcade, Liebler Arcade, 2017. Photography by James Whineray.

Zora Kreuzer, Arcade, Liebler Arcade, 2017. Photography by James Whineray.

Fremantle Arts Centre has a reputation for being pretty spooky. Have you had any supernatural encounters whilst in residence? 

I’m only here during the day and haven’t had any spooky experiences. I know a bit about the history of the place but it still feels good working here. But who knows what goes on at night?

What’s next for you after you finish up your residency here at FAC? 

I’ll be heading back to Berlin, where I’ll preparing for shows I have across Germany next year.

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