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Artist in Residence Sanne Koelemij in her FAC studio creating her colour field collage 'drawings'

Former Artist in Residence Sanne Koelemij at work in her FAC studio

Fremantle Arts Centre’s Artist in Residence program attracts local, national and international artists. Home to 11 studios and a residential apartment (located at the Moores Building), FAC can accommodate a variety of disciplines and project requirements.

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2018 Asialink Artist in Residence

FAC introduces the 2018 Asialink-FAC reciprocal exchange artist in resident Hsian Jung Chen (TAIWAN), a Taipei-based artist whose inspiration comes from the common experience of people in daily life. He reinterprets and distorts common themes purposely in order to invoke resonance with the audience through his ceramic practice and mixedmedia installations.

Whilst in residence at FAC, Hsian will do research on the Fremantle Market as one of the few municipal market buildings that still serves its original purpose in Australia today. He will interview locals, observe people’s movements and behaviour in the markets, gather found objects and stories, and look at historical archival material. Ceramics Studio

WAAPA–FAC Residency Prize

The WAAPA FAC Residency Prize is awarded to an outstanding graduating student from WAAPA’s Performance Making Degree. Charlotte Otton, winner of the inaugural prize, will research and develop text and movement for her production No Titties in collaboration with Phoebe Sullivan, Samantha Maclean and Isabelle McDonald. No Titties explores issues relating to the pressures of the sexualised lives of young Australian women.

Current Artists in Residence

Writer Janine Mikosza (VIC) and visual artist Stephanie Jones (NSW/ACT) will work both independently and collaboratively on a series of projects that explore their shared interests in domestic space, memory, trauma, and attachment to place. Studios 1 & 2

Victoria Pitt (WA) is a documentary filmmaker and writer researching themes of gender, power and war to create a new form of expression in narrative fiction. Studio 4

Annabel Dixon (WA) combines found objects and print media with traditional art materials to investigate surface, form and text, reformatting common elements into unexpected combinations. Room 4

Brent Harrison (WA) is a multi-disciplinary artist who investigates masculinities and gay male culture in contemporary Australia. He will create works reinterpreting heterosexual practices encoded in mainstream culture. Studio 5

Janet Carter (WA) continues her exploration of global precarity and creative resilience-building projects as she investigates the demise of cash in contemporary society and researches the history of coins, bank notes, Mints and Reserve Banks. Studio 7

Carmela Corvaia (WA) will use pre-dyed fleece and found natural materials to create multilayered forms that describe landscapes and journeys. Studio 8

Ben Crappsley’s (WA) practice currently focuses on trees and branching structures. He will experiment with surface application techniques to produce large-scale multimedia works on canvas and paper which explore these ideas. Studio 9

Katie Breckon (NZ) will develop work for her exhibition Safe Keeping, showing at PSAS in February. Exploring the Worrorra stone tools collected by Kimberley bushman and crocodile hunter Vic Cox, the exhibition will investigate Cox’s collecting habits and consider the broader cultural and conservation issues of removing significant objects from Country. Studio 9

Cathy Franzi (ACT) is fascinated by Australian plants and the environment. She will explore new ceramic processes to express current botanical knowledge in visual form. Ceramics Studio

Art Ichol Exchange

FAC now hosts an annual reciprocal residency with Art Ichol, an Indian multi-arts organisation. Check back soon for details on how to apply for this residency in 2018.

How to apply

Residencies can cover the creation of new works, research, and developing your practice. Particular outcomes are not expected of FAC’s residents. Proposals are considered in relation to FAC’s other programming and studio availability.

Please Include:

  1. A current CV for each participant
  2. Hi-res images (1-4MB, min. 300dpi) of your past work with detailed information and full captions; or for writers, a sample of published text, maximum 15 pages
  3. An outline of your intended residency project (media, concept, possible activities, and potential outcomes)
  4. The intended time frame
  5. Your preferred residency space (if known)

For further information contact Bevan Honey, Residencies & Studios Coordinator at [email protected].

When to Apply
Individual artists, groups of artists, curators, writers and organisations can apply for a residency year round. Applications for the Moores Building residential apartment will be accepted in September 2018 for residencies beginning after September 2019.

Submitting Your Proposal
To submit your proposal email [email protected]. Please note that hard copy proposals are not accepted. Links to drop box folders and other file sharing sites will also not be considered.